In 2014, Limitless Innovations introduced the first ChargeHub that incorporated what is our now patented SmartSpeed® Technology. At that time, USB chargers used dedicated ports for various amperage outputs. This added considerable confusion to the user that had been typically less tech savvy. SmartSpeed® Technology simplified and enhanced multi-port USB charging by providing non-dedicated USB charging ports, each of which could deliver up to 2.4 amps to any port, providing an optimal and safe charge to most devices. Additionally, SmartSpeed® Technology was the first in perfecting this concept of allowing a device to dictate the proper charge rate, regardless the what type or model of connected device. Now, just 5 years later, you will find our patented SmartSpeed® Technology designed into each of the items in our ever-evolving ChargeHub product line!

ChargeHub Patents can be seen below. At Limitless Innovations, we strive to create innovative solutions for everyday problems, and do it with style.  Keep an eye out for Limitless Innovations as we continue to dream up new concepts and product innovations as technology continues to develop!

  • ChargeHub Round – D721335
  • ChargeHub Square – D746783
  • System for charging multiple devices – 10,056,766
  • Multi-cable manager – D808,778
  • System for managing multiple cables – 9,300,118
  • Multi-cable manager – D746,783
  • Beverage capsule tray – D739,680
  • Beverage capsule tray – D734,867
  • Beverage capsule tray – D724,388
  • Multi-cable manager – D721,335
  • Beverage capsule tray – D714,958
  • Beverage capsule tray – D713,051
  • Beverage capsule tray – D708,763
  • Beverage capsule tray – D708,762
  • Beverage capsule tray – D708,761
  • Beverage capsule tray – D708,760

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