Top Practical Gifts for Practical People – JumpSmart & ChargeHub

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Gift for people who work at a desk

It doesn’t matter if they’re a techie or not, anyone with a few things that need charging will appreciate a desktop charging hub. This hub from Limitless innovations has 6 traditional AC plugs plus 4 USB charging ports. Surprisingly, even with those ten plug-ins, it can still sit on a desk without taking up too much room. This ChargeHub is around 60 dollars.

Gifts to Monitor the Health of a car

Emergency “jumper cables” that fit in your glovebox

Used to be some people drove around with jumper-cables, just in case. Now you can do the same thing with a battery operated jumpstarter, small enough to fit under the seat. Just attach it to the car’s battery and turn the keys.  The JumpSmart Jumpstarter has a flashlight on one end and is 160 dollars.

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