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When traveling, it’s smart to take special precautions to keep your loved ones safe in an emergency.

The ChargeHub V2 features 2 USB ports to power up your devices and comes with a glass breaker and seat belt cutter for use in the event of an emergency.

The ChargeHub V2 is compatible with most USB devices including smartphones, tablets, navigation systems, bluetooth headsets, cameras and more. Please note, if you are trying to charge a tablet type device it is recommended to use the 2.4A USB port. If both ports are being used, the charge rate may reduce to 1.0A per port when larger devices, such as a tablet, are connected.

Understanding some of the key features:


Two USB ports power most USB devices at a fast, up to 2.4 amps using patented SmartSpeed Technology through the vehicle power socket.


The zinc alloy casing is robust and tungsten steel tip glass breaker works easily and efficiently to break your car window and escape your vehicle in an emergency.


The concealed, yet razor-sharp seat belt cutting feature allows you to cut yourself free from a safety belt if you are unable to release it normally.

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