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The Advice Sisters have reviewed plenty of chargers of various types. As technology moves forward, so do our needs when it comes to charging our tech devices. However, you don’t have to completely change the way you power up even though you have “C” type devices. Here are two from Limitless Innovations that we (Alison Blackman and Tony Sabatini), really like! 


Tony’s view: Everybody has at least a half a dozen devices today that require charging, often at the same time. In the past, for example, I have purchased a four-port 40-watt charger and put two ten foot and two three-foot USB cables on it to charge my various devices. The type of unit I chose was convenient because I could put it under things such as a desk or table.

I had a place to put the cords up higher when they were not in use. I even subsequently got a second of these units for my desk because of the convenience and usefulness.

The world has changed and wireless charging is now a reality. The new USB- C provides much more rapid charging than one could get from a standard USB-A. Therefore, a new charging hub that incorporates both USB-C and wireless along with the existing USB-A is needed.


ChargeHub X5 Elite 3005 – 5 Port USB Charger $79.99


Alison’s View:  The Chargehub is truly perfect for home and office.  I love hub charging stations that let you charge several items in one small space..

One way to take advantage of micro and “C” devices is with the ChargeHub X5+ 9E3005) by Limitless Innovations (SRP $80) which very neatly fits this need.

The Chargehub has 6 USB ports:  5 for cords, and a QI charger on top for the newer devices,

Save Space:

It is a non-intrusive, round, matte black (or white) hub whose top surface will do wireless (Qi charging).  Along the edge are two USB-A ports a type C port and then two more USB-A ports.

One of the really nice features is that the AC cord plugs directly into the hub there is no “Brick” to contend with making it easier to deal with.

Total output is 5.4 Watts which is very large for a charging hub. Most average around 4.0 watts, allowing 5 volts at 2.4 amps to charge older cell phones quickly and the type “C” port (you need a type C to type C charging cable) to charge at 5 volts, 9 volts or 12 volts based upon what the phone tells the charger about how full its battery is (the higher the voltage the quicker the charge).

We like this unit a lot because it is considered everything we need and it keeps our desk neat.  Get it in matte black or white.

Multi-Tasking For Autos:

chargehub car tool CHARGER

car charger tool photo by alison blackman (c) 2-18


The ChargeHub V2 Vehicle Emergency Multi-tool. by Limitless Creations (SRP. $39) can not only charge your devices and play them, but it might also just save your life.

The dual port USB charger fits in your car’s lighter slot, but it also has a tungsten steel tip for glass breaker and a seat belt cutter on the side.

These two tools are often kept in your car’s trunk or in the glove box, but in an emergency, it may be impossible to access them.

The ChargeHub V2 sits on the dash where you are more likely to be able to grab it when necessary. It has two standard USB -charger ports of 12 watts each (cords to your devices not included).

This 3 in 1 charger tool feels like a quality product, not a toy, because of the tungsten steel necessary to make it a glass breaker with and effective seat belt cutter.

One Use +Life Saved:

The instructions note that if you use the seat belt cutter of the glass cutter, it’s a one-time use, but we hope you’ll never need anything more than the charging ports!

Our sample for editorial review is in chic black, but it also comes in 5 other cool metallic colors.

For just $39 this little tool is really a must-have for anyone with a car.


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