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We all store items in the cabs of our work trucks—work documents, empty water bottles, mobile device charging cables, emergency kits, etc. While some of those items are in no way necessary for daily operations, there are other items that you can’t work without, such as work documents and emergency kits. When carrying items in your work truck, you need functional, multi-use products that take up as little room as possible. This is where ChargeHub V2 comes in…

When I’m driving down the road and need access to my device, the last thing I want is to grab it from my bag or pocket to read “Connect to power” on its screen. To ensure I’m never dangerously low on charge, I keep a device charger and charging cable in my car at all times. When I received a ChargeHub V2, I was excited to try something I knew I’d use every day.


ChargeHub V2 is a three-in-one device charger and vehicle emergency multi-tool. It features two USB charging ports, a glass breaker, and a seat belt cutter for emergency use. The ChargeHub V2 charges your devices with patented SmartSpeed Technology when plugged into a cigarette lighter—although charging takes longer if both USB ports are in use. ChargeHub V2 features a zinc alloy casing and a tungsten steel tip glass breaker. The razor-sharp seat belt cutter is concealed to prevent accidents, but convenient enough for a quick grab and tear of the belt in an emergency.


I had a lot of fun reviewing the ChargeHub V2 three-in-one vehicle emergency multi-tool. This tool is compact and convenient—not to mention takes up such little space! Instead of those window-breaking bats rolling around under the seat of your truck or van, your device charger can pull double duty. This tool is great for charging mobile devices, and it shattered the window of that poor Focus with little effort. The seat belt cutter isn’t the most efficient part of the tool, but it will cut if in a last resort situation, just hope your emergency isn’t time sensitive. The ChargeHub V2 retails for $29.99 at www.limitelessinnovations.com.

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