TikiTunes Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speakers with LED Atmospheric Lighting Effect (2-Pack) – Black


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The TikiTunes portable 5-watt speaker offers 6-hours of continuous playtime from any wireless compatible device with its built-in 2000 mAh rechargeable battery. Connect up to two speakers using dual sync capabilities from a maximum distance of 30 feet for a true stereo-sound. The warm LED ambient light emits a flickering, atmospheric light providing the perfect ambiance for evenings spent outdoors or a cozy night in.

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The TikiTunes portable 5-watt Bluetooth speaker offers 6-hours of continuous playtime from any wireless compatible device with its built-in 2000 mAh rechargeable battery. Connect up to two speakers using dual sync capabilities from a maximum distance of 30 feet for a true stereo-sound. The warm LED ambient light emits a flickering, atmospheric light providing the perfect ambiance for evenings spent outdoors or a cozy night in.


Provides dual sync capabilities that allow the user to connect up to two TikiTunes from a maximum distance of 30 feet for a true stereo-sound.


Emits a flickering, atmospheric light providing the perfect ambiance for evenings spent outdoors or a cozy night in.


Powered by the 2000 mAh rechargeable battery allows music to be played continuously from any compatible device. Charges via Micro USB cable (included).


With an IP65 rating, this device is dust tight and protected from water, making it perfect for outdoor and indoor use!


We stand behind each product with a (1) Year Limited Warranty by Limitless Innovations.


The threaded insert is ¼-20, compatible with various forms of mounting.


Q. How do you pair 2 TikiTunes together?
A. Press and hold the power button on each unit at the same time. Once they both power on, they should automatically sync to on another.

If they do not automatically pair, simply press and hold the play/pause button until the devices pair together.

Please Note: You must pair the 2 TikiTunes Wireless Speakers together before pairing to your device. Simply power off both TikiTunes and start from the beginning if you experience any issues pairing your speakers. Please contact customer for additional assistance at (855) 843-4828.

Q. How do I connect my phone to the TikiTunes?
A. The TikiTunes Wireless Speaker has Bluetooth 5.0 and can connect to any mobile device that is equipped with Bluetooth capabilities.

Please refer to “Videos” tab on this link for additional instructions: https://limitlessinnovations.com/product/tikitunes/

Q. What name will appear for the TikiTunes Wireless Speaker in the Bluetooth settings?
A. TikiTunes.

Q. Can I listen to music while charging the TikiTunes?
A. Yes, you can listen to music and use the LED flickering light while charging the TikiTunes.

Q. My phone says it is connected to TikiTunes, but the music is still playing on my phone. How do I switch this to play on the TikiTunes?
A. Depending on the app or source that you are playing your music from, you may have to select to listen on the TikiTunes instead of on your mobile device. See below for trouble shooting this issue:

iTunes App: In the bottom left of the menu, there is an icon with a triangle and circle rings at the top of it. Once you click that icon, a menu will pop up with a choice to play music through your phone or a connected Bluetooth Device. Select “TikiTunes”.

Spotify App: In the bottom left hand corner of your devices’ screen, you will see a speaker icon glowing in green with a circle around it next to the name of the current selected device. Tap the icon and select “TikiTunes” as the device to listen on.

Q. Can the TikiTunes Wireless Speaker be used to provide audio for video or movies that are played on a phone or tablet?
A. Yes. However, the quality of the synchronization between audio and video can be influenced by the device and any wireless interference. For best results, keep the TikiTunes and the device in close proximity, less that 6 ft, with no objects in between them.

Q. How do I change the volume of the TikiTunes Wireless Speaker?
A. Press and hold the (+) to raise the volume or the (-) button to lower the volume of the wireless speaker. You can also adjust the volume by using the controls on your mobile device.

Please note: If you single click the (+) or (-) buttons, the song will change, as these are dual-functioning controls.

Q. How do I change my song on the TikiTunes Wireless Speaker?
A. To skip to the next song, press once. To go back to the previous song, press twice. To restart the current song playing, press once.

Q. Is the TikiTunes rechargeable?
A. Yes, the TikiTunes has a rechargeable battery and can be charged using the included Micro USB Cable.

Q. How do you charge TikiTunes?

A. The TikiTunes can be charged using the included Micro to USB Cable.

Q. Why is the ring on top of the TikiTunes lighting up red?
A. The light on top of the TikiTunes Wireless Speaker will turn red while charging.

Q. How do I know the TikiTunes is done charging?
A. The red light on top of the TikiTunes Wireless Speaker will turn off when it is fully charged.

Q. How often do you have to charge it?
A. The battery life of the TikiTunes will depend on the type of use, but the battery will last up to 6 hours on single charge while playing music.

Q. How long does it take to charge?
A. The TikiTunes takes approximately 2.5 hours to charge from a fully drained battery.

Q. What is the range of the TikiTunes speaker performance?
A. The TikiTunes is capable of stable operation at up to 30 ft. Performance can be affected by obstacles such as walls or metal, interference from WiFi® or other wireless devices.

Q. How long will the TikiTunes hold its charge if not in use?
A. The battery may hold a charge for well over 6 months if unused. Battery life may vary based on the environment and climate it is stored in.

Q. Can I turn off the blinking white light off on the top of the speaker?
A. No, you cannot turn off the ring light on the TikiTunes. This indicates that the speaker is in Play mode.

Q. Does the TikiTunes speaker support Wi-Fi® or WiDi?
A. No. The TikiTunes Wireless Speaker wireless connection is Bluetooth only.

Q. Can you use the Tikitunes outdoors?
A. Yes, the TikiTunes is designed for use outside and is rated IP65 certifying that it is dust tight and water resistant.

Q. What is the safe storage temperature range?
A. The TikiTunes can be stored and operated in temperatures ranging from -4°F to 140°F.

Q. What happens when my phone is streaming music to the TikiTunes Wireless Speaker and a call comes in?
A. The TikiTunes will pause, and the call will ring through your mobile phone as normal. Once your phone call is complete and you hang up, music playback will resume.

Q. How do you turn the LED flickering light on?
A. Press the center button on the TikiTunes with the lightbulb icon to power ON and OFF the LED flickering light.

Q. Is there a warranty?
A. Every TikiTunes comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty.

Q. Who do I contact if I have a question or issue with the TikiTunes?
A. For any inquiries regarding the TikiTunes, please contact our support team at Limitlesslnnovations.com/Support, email us at Support@LimitlessInnovations.com, or call us at (855) 843-4828.

Q. Does the TikiTunes have serviceable parts?
A. No, the TikiTunes does not have serviceable parts and the Lithium Polymer battery cannot be replaced. Please contact out customer service team if your device is not working properly – email Support@LimitlessInnovations.com, or call us at (855) 843-4828.

Q. Where can I find a copy of the user manual?
A. The TikiTunes Terms and Conditions can found at: Limitlesslnnovations.com/Manual/TikiTunes.pdf


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 8 in



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65 reviews for TikiTunes Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speakers with LED Atmospheric Lighting Effect (2-Pack) – Black

  1. dean k. (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery (during covid even) and so far works great!

  2. Siobhan (verified owner)

    I took a leap and purchased these after seeing a FB ad and I was pleasantly surprised at the all around quality. The sound is good and it looks great.

  3. Jeff A. (verified owner)

  4. Jamie (verified owner)

    Just received the two speakers I ordered as gifts. Very easy pairing to get your music going. So far, happy with the products.

  5. Paul (verified owner)

    This 2 pack is great. Pairs up very easily. Sound quality is ok, could be better but having 2 speakers pair is really good. Tiki light is awesome! I would recommend this 2 pack.

  6. Darryl S. (verified owner)

    Love these speakers. Bought one for myself and my girlfriend. Fast shipping. Also, quick response from customer service when they were emailed. No issues connecting. Good sound for the size speaker. And love the flickering light for a night by the fire.

  7. ROBERT N. (verified owner)

    Purchased a 2pack..one of them had the light turned on and it would not turn off… other one was fine… contacted the customer service and they quickly sent out a shipping label for a replacement..currently waiting on the replacement… sound quality of the working one was better than I expected!!

  8. Robert Klein (verified owner)

  9. John D. (verified owner)

  10. Jim D. (verified owner)

    Suitable sound for outdoor patio given size of speaker

  11. Debbie H. (verified owner)

    These are so cool. I bought the stakes they screw into and use them in the yard. Everyone loves them….

  12. Danny E. (verified owner)

    Would love to get more volume out of the speaker but as long as you pair two together the volume is good. I liked them so much I ordered a second set of two for my sister. We have solar tiki torches around our deck and these complete our theme. Very easy to pair and quality sound.

  13. Amy (verified owner)

    Shipped quickly. These are a Father’s Day gift, so we have not tried them, yet, but I can’t wait to see his face when he opens the present in a few weeks.

  14. Donna M. (verified owner)

    Purchased as a gift. Came sooner than expected. Pleased so far.

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing, I’ll be ordering more!

  16. Daniel Hotaling (verified owner)

    Nice speakers

  17. Martha H. (verified owner)

    Great speakers!

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love the light up feature and the sound is great!!

  19. Ann G. (verified owner)

    LOVE this torches!!!

  20. Glenn N. (verified owner)

    After watching the videos on Tiki Tune speakers and how easy they are to operate, I ordered them. Am happy with the construction and sound quality. Would recommend them highly for purchase.

  21. Danny Ebensberger (verified owner)

    This is my second set up (paired of two, four total), the second set I purchased for my sister’s River house. They are simple to set up and ideal for deck use. Thanks for getting them here before her birthday!

  22. David Kibitlewski (verified owner)

    So very happy with these. Thank you.

  23. Judy (verified owner)

    Quick response..great product..got it asl a gift..buying one for myself

  24. William McLeod

    Received the pair of TikiTunes as a present and was surprised by the sound they deliver. Great for outdoor activities and they were extremely easy to pair together. The torch light is wonderful and I have received compliments about them. Fantastic item.

  25. Lisa Joley (verified owner)

    These are so awesome! And easy to use!

  26. Abbie Flory (verified owner)

    Delivered very fast. I haven’t tried them out yet they are a father’s day gift.

  27. leslie lafferty (verified owner)

    Amazing customer service! Lexi was extremely helpful! Will surely recommend to all my friends. Love my speakers. Have gotten so many compliments on them. Thank you!

  28. john m. (verified owner)

    best price & quick ship

  29. cynthia (verified owner)

    excellent shipping

  30. JoAnn S. (verified owner)

    Excellent product and customer service. I requested that the product be shipped for a birthday gift…needed the following Wed. Rec’d on Monday without a problem. Thank you !!!

  31. Shae M. (verified owner)

    Love the TikiTunes (2 Pack) Bluetooth Speakers. Very easy to use with my iphone. Look great around my Tiki outdoor deck area.

  32. Catherine E. (verified owner)

    These are so awesome 🙂 My sister bought these for her pool area and she loved them and was so pleased I decided to try them for our outside pool area- and they are great!! They are perfect for us. XOXO

  33. Evelyn Carter (verified owner)

    This is the second time I have order from you. My daughter took my first set.

  34. W Greg (verified owner)

    Great looking flame. Decent enough sound. Will bring a smile to anyone.

  35. cindy (verified owner)

    These are awesome great surround sound and beautiful!! I will buying more for gifts for friends.

  36. Deborah (verified owner)

    Out of the box set up perfectly, sound perfect. Really enjoying them.

  37. Susan Villines (verified owner)

    Amazing and great speaker sound

  38. Jessica S. (verified owner)

    Incredibly fast processing & shipping, great communication from Limitless Innovations and the product was packed and protected well! Couldn’t be more thrilled with this Fathers Day gift for my dad and my dad was also very happy. I helped him connect his phone to the speakers via Bluetooth and paired the 2 speakers together with great ease! The speakers also sound great! I am very please with the quality and the price in which we paid for this product. I would recommend Limitless Innovations to friends in the future and would purchase from them again in the future.

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I received them within a few days. The sound is great.

  40. Janet Sanders (verified owner)

    this is a gift for my sister. Because we have to isolate she is working on her backyard. She likes to sit out in the evening, so this is perfect for her.

  41. Cindy (verified owner)

  42. BRIAN (verified owner)

    Sounds good arrived before promised

  43. Jolie (verified owner)

  44. Carolyn (verified owner)

    They are terrific.

  45. Hope Robinson (verified owner)

  46. Joyce R. (verified owner)

    very nice looking tiki tunes. These were purchased as a gift and have not given them yet.

  47. Linda Stansbury (verified owner)

    No problems ordering and received them ahead of date promised. Love the speakers too

  48. john tosch (verified owner)

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

  50. kevin mccarthy (verified owner)

    Items were received in perfect condition and easy to charge and put into operation. Great sound quality.

  51. Steve W. (verified owner)

    Arrived early..Not broken…well built…sound perfect…very happy!

  52. Jaclyn (verified owner)

  53. Cynthia F. (verified owner)

    Loved them!

  54. Linda L. (verified owner)

    We love these fun speaker lights!

  55. Susan Parker (verified owner)

    We love them. Just what we wanted for our deck. The lights are great. Having trouble connecting to Alexa though. Not as easy as google says.

  56. Christopher Kauffman (verified owner)

    Awesome, good sound and range

  57. Christopher A. (verified owner)

    Love them.

  58. Peter Rose (verified owner)

    Fast service, VERY cool speakers for our deck.

  59. Dennis Braithwaite (verified owner)

  60. George McKenzie Jr (verified owner)

    Great innovation for every back yard and Bar-B-Que venue. As for delivery and packaging; A-1 and received on time and in new condition. Good buy!

  61. Tom P. (verified owner)

    I am very pleased . It was easy to sync with my Ipod or phone. The Tiki torch effect looks great. My friends were impressed

  62. David H. (verified owner)

    These are great sounding speakers, but the best part is the ability to pair them and get true stereo sound!! Awesome!!

  63. Kathy Risso

    We love our Tiki Tunes, so much so, that we purchased more for friends.

    If you like a party atmosphere and a great sound, protected by a phenomenal customer service team, order these now.

  64. Wendy S. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my TikiTunes, the size is perfect and the sound is great – I get so many compliments on them.

  65. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Great product and fast service

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