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In 2014, Limitless Innovations introduced the first ChargeHub that incorporated what is our now patented SmartSpeed® Technology. At that time, USB chargers used dedicated ports for various amperage outputs. This added considerable confusion to the user that had been typically less tech savvy. SmartSpeed® Technology simplified and enhanced multi-port USB charging by providing non-dedicated USB charging ports, each of which could deliver up to 2.4 amps to any port and deliver an optimal and safe charge to most devices. SmartSpeed® Technology was the first in perfecting this concept of allowing a device to dictate the proper charge rate, regardless of what type or model of the connected device. SmartSpeed® Technology is incorporated into each of the ever-evolving ChargeHub product line!

Keep an eye out for Limitless Innovations as we continue to dream up new concepts and product innovations as technology continues to develop!

  • ChargeHub Round – D721335
  • ChargeHub Square – D746783
  • System for charging multiple devices – 10,056,766
  • Multi-cable manager – D808,778
  • System for managing multiple cables – 9,300,118
  • Multi-cable manager – D746,783
  • Beverage capsule tray – D739,680
  • Beverage capsule tray – D734,867
  • Beverage capsule tray – D724,388
  • Multi-cable manager – D721,335
  • Beverage capsule tray – D714,958
  • Beverage capsule tray – D713,051
  • Beverage capsule tray – D708,763
  • Beverage capsule tray – D708,762
  • Beverage capsule tray – D708,761
  • Beverage capsule tray – D708,760
  • TikiTunes LED Flame Light  US 9,689,544 B2
  • TikiTunes LED Flame Light  US 10,125,937 B2
  • TikiTunes LED Flame Light  US 10,240,756 B2
  • TikiTunes LED Flame Light  US 10,480,734 B2

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