The Lumenology Portable Motion Light is a universal LED Light that can be used virtually anywhere! The Flexible Tripod and Magnetic Base provide versatile installation options that have not yet been seen on the market today. The Lumenology Portable Motion Light is also equipped with MotionSense Technology, boasting a 13ft detectable range and 100-degree field-of-view in a dark environment, making it a perfect way to enhance any security needs.

The Lumenology Dual Security Motion Light is an ultra-bright, 1000 Lumen LED Light that will instantly improve a home’s security. Includes MotionSense Technology that boast a 13ft detectable range and 100 degree field-of-view, while LightSense Technology allows for adjustment of detecting motion in both light and dark environments. The dual adjustable LED Lights and Motion Sensor make it a perfect fit anywhere around the house or office building.

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Lumenology is Brought to You By Limitless Innovations

Limitless Innovations, Inc. was incorporated in 2012 as a subsidiary of Smeja Enterprises, a holdings company located in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. The entrepreneurial Smeja family created this consumer product company focusing on the design and development of various cutting-edge, retail merchandise, with a philosophy focused on customers and quality. The Smeja’s hold hundreds of patents in various industries and with their flagship product, they identified a need and an opportunity in the automotive accessory jump starting market and developed the JumpSmart™, a flashlight configuration of a powerful jump starter/power bank with a unique set of features, not previously seen in any off-the-shelf products. Keep your eye on Limitless Innovations for more innovative products!

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