JumpSmart™ by ChargeHub was created for emergency or everyday use. Whether it’s in a vehicle or at home, the JumpSmart™ features a vehicle jump starter and power bank USB charger, packed in a single high-powered 4-mode LED Flashlight. All of which is easily carried in the durable JumpSmart™ heavy-duty Carrying Case, ensuring your preparedness anywhere you go!

Please email us at support@limitlessinnovations.com with any questions.

The JumpSmart™ is Brought to You By Limitless Innovations

Limitless Innovations, Inc. was incorporated in 2012 as a subsidiary of Smeja Enterprises, a holdings company located in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. The entrepreneurial Smeja family created this consumer product company focusing on the design and development of various cutting-edge, retail merchandise, with a philosophy focused on customers and quality. The Smeja’s hold hundreds of patents in various industries and with their flagship product, they identified a need and an opportunity in the automotive accessory jump starting market and developed the JumpSmart™, a flashlight configuration of a powerful jump starter/power bank with a unique set of features, not previously seen in any off-the-shelf products. Keep your eye on Limitless Innovations for more innovative products!

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