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To say that we’re pleased to partner with JumpSmart is an understatement. JumpSmart has come to the rescue more than once already! You can be JumpSmart prepared, too!

Be JumpSmart Prepared #EmergencyPrepardness #JumpSmart #RoadSideService #SimpleSojourns

Imagine you’re driving down a dark road. In the middle of nowhere. Suddenly the steering wheel jerks, the car starts with a thumpity thump thump. You pull to the side of the road. You get out to investigate. Dang! Flat tire!

It’s late, dark and you’re all alone and on the side of the road. There’s NO cell signal to ring for roadside assistance. So, you take a deep breath. Then set out to change the tire yourself. Afterwards, you pat yourself on the back, get back in the car, only to realize that you left your car lights because you were afraid of the pitch black dark. And now … dang again! You have a dead battery!

No worries! You take another deep breath feeling grateful you decided to be JumpSmart prepared.

Be JumpSmart Prepared #EmergencyPrepardness #JumpSmart #RoadSideService #SimpleSojourns

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JumpSmart is a handy multi-functional LED flashlight/vehicle jump starter/power bank. Yup! You read that right!

And you can’t beat that for roadside emergencies! It’s powerful enough to power-up to a 3.0L vehicle and a 2.0 diesel truck! Use it to jump start a car, boat, motorcycle and anything else that needs a jump. But it’s not just for the car! It seriously can be a life saver at home of there’s a power blackout.

So let’s talk about the JumpSmart.

First, JumpSmart has so many features!

  • It’s ergonomically designed in a durable aluminum housing. Ours is rose gold (because I picked it out!). And let’s be honest, it’s pretty! But JumpSmart is also available in several other colors, including black and platinum.
  • And how cute is the cozy little bag to keep your JumpSmart looking nice?

Be JumpSmart Prepared #EmergencyPrepardness #JumpSmart #RoadSideService #SimpleSojourns

  • It has a 4-Mode 1100 Lumen LED Flashlight. And I’m here to tell you, it is powerful, and ever so bright.
  • There’s a high-beam light for an everyday flashlight, along with a a low-bean mode.
  • But for emergency purposes JumpSmart also offers a strobe mode, and SOS options.

  • Have you ever had a dead battery? It’s over the top annoying. Especially if there’s no one around to give you a jump. But that’s the glory of JumpSmart. You don’t need anyone to help. JumpSmart does it all. And you’ll be back on the road again in no time!

Be JumpSmart Prepared #EmergencyPrepardness #JumpSmart #RoadSideService #SimpleSojourns

  • JumpSmart comes complete with its own little jumper cables. They’re actually the ONLY jumper cable you should ever use with JumpSmart.
  • There are audible alarms and visual safety indicator lights to warn you of any improper connection.
  • It’s easy peasy to use. Simply snap the cables to the appropriate battery connection and voila! You’re ready to go again!!

Be JumpSmart Prepared #EmergencyPrepardness #JumpSmart #RoadSideService #SimpleSojourns

  • JumpSmart comes with a User Manual. But it really is self-explanatory.
  • There’s an on/off switch.
  • USB plug for charging your phone and other tech.
  • Blue plugs for the jumper cables.
  • DC plug for charging the JumpSmart.

Be JumpSmart Prepared #EmergencyPrepardness #JumpSmart #RoadSideService #SimpleSojourns

The built-in power bank can be a life-saver on road trips, camping trips, and more. Blackouts from storms, or other situations at home. We’ve come to learn we can never have enough dependable power banks.

Be JumpSmart Prepared #EmergencyPrepardness #JumpSmart #RoadSideService #SimpleSojournsBe JumpSmart Prepared #EmergencyPrepardness #JumpSmart #RoadSideService #SimpleSojourns

The handy carry case has several compartments to keep all the accessories organized and together.

It comes complete with:

• JumpSmart (10000 mAh / 37000 mWh Lithium-Polymer Battery)
• Set of Smart Jumper Cables
• Heavy-Duty Case with Printed Instructions. (Gotta love the printed instructions!)
• Car & Wall Charging Adapters
• Protective Sleeve – To keep your JumpSmart looking pretty!

And there you have it! I seriously wish JumpSmart had been around when my kids were teenagers and experiencing driving. We’re definitely making sure each of our grandkids have their own JumpSmart.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to be JumpSmart prepared?

JumpSmart is available on Amazon and can be delivered to within 2 days! How about that?!?


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