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This article might look familiar because we’ve reviewed this product by Limitless Innovations in the past. It still is a useful tool with the same features as before, but this time there is something different…

JumpSmart Features

This flashlight casing is made of a very sturdy aluminum casing. A new thing about the casing is that it is available in different colors. At the time of this article, Black and Rose Gold are available. They also have Red, Blue, Platinum, and Copper. I do not know when those colors will be available for purchase, but at least you can choose the Rose Gold color now. There are four modes on the light which reaches 330 Lumen that shines up to 495 feet. There are high beam, weak beam, strobe, and SOS Modes.

The jumper cables include 10 built-in safety features- including an alarm that will sound and safety indicator lights that warn if you are not properly connected. The Lithium battery is 10,000 mAh / 37000 mWh. A 5V / 2.4A USB Port utilizes SmartSpeed technology to charge your phone or other devices.

What you get With JumpSmart

Opening the box reveals a handsome, well-built case that houses the flashlight. Also included is some instructions, and charging cables with wall and car adapters to charge the JumpSmart.

What you Should Know About JumpSmart

Based on the research from this site, you shouldn’t leave your portable jump starter in your vehicle- especially if it’s extremely cold. The jump starter might not help you if your battery is completely dead, or has very low cold cranking amps. So it’s a good idea to bring this in out of the cold, and make sure that it is charged frequently. This device can be recharged 1,000 times, and suggests that you recharge it every 3 months at least. You really want it to be ready to go.


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