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jumpMy car is two years old and I never thought that my battery would die already. It is so stressful when your car will not start. Especially looking for someone who had jumper cables or that will just give you a jump. Recently I was out shopping and of course I was parked where you wouldn’t be able to easily access the car to be jump started. Thankfully I had the Jumpsmart in the back of my car. I had charged it the day I received it. Put it in the back of my car and totally forgot that I even had it there until my battery was dead.

JumpSmart is there when you need it for an emergency. This single unit combines a 37000 mWh jump starter, 330 Lumen flashlight and a power bank in one device. The JumpSmart is powerful enough to jump start 4, 6 and up to 8-cylinder (up to 2.0L Diesel) and even works on boats, motorcycles, and lawn mowers!  The Smart Jumper Cables have 10 built-in safety features with audible alarms and visual safety indicator lights to warn of any improper connection.  The flashlight has a 495ft reach and features 4-modes: high, low, SOS, and strobe.  The power bank charges your USB devices, including phones and tablets fast with the patented SmartSpeed Technology at 2.4A output.  Use it at home and take it on-the-road to help ensure peace of mind everywhere you go!  The package includes (1) JumpSmart, (1) Set of Smart Jumper Cables, (1) Heavy-Duty Case with Printed Instructions, (1) Wall Charging Adapter, (1) Car Charging Adapter, (1) Protective Sleeve with Printed Instructions, and (1) Year Limited Warranty by Limitless Innovations. ETL Listed.


The JumpSmart can jump start up to an 8-cylinder, 5.0-liter engine with ease (up to 2.0L Diesel).  Its powerful 37000 mWh high-grade Lithium-Polymer battery is compatible to jump start with most cars, trucks, SUV’s, boats, motorcycles, lawn mowers, ATV’s, and more! Re-charge up to 1000 times.


Beyond its jump start features, this 8W, 330 Lumen LED Flashlight has 4-Modes (High Beam, Low Beam, SOS & Strobe), and a 495ft reach is the perfect tool for daily use, traveling, outdoor activities, and in emergency situations.


Use the patented SmartSpeed Technology to charge (1) USB device fast at 2.4 amps when you run out of power! Power up virtually any device, such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras, navigations units, and more.


Aside from the other plastic and rubber jump starters on the market, this durable, anodized, and CNC-machined aluminum extruded casing with knurled casing can withstand collision that comes with everyday use.


The JumpSmart has been a recipient of multiple awards, including:

  • Editor’s Choice, Best of CES by Inno & Tech Today
  • Top 50 Most Innovative Products by Inno & Tech Today
  • TWICE Picks Awards Winner by TWICE
  • VIP Award by TWICE
  • Best in Technology Product Showcase Winner by ASI


The Smart Jumper Cables have 10 built-in safety features with audible alarms and visual safety indicator lights to warn you of any improper connection. The internal battery is UL 1642 Listed, JumpSmart unit is ETL Listed (Conforms to ANSI/CAN/UL STD. 2743), 3rd Party Tested by Intertek, FCC Certified, CE Certified, and RoHS Compliant.

Reverse Polarity Protection: This feature protects the user when connecting the clamps to the wrong terminals on the vehicle battery.

Short Circuit Protection: This feature protects the user when the red and black clamp are connected / touch each other.

Over-Charge Protection: This feature will not allow the JumpSmart to overcharge the vehicle battery when jumping.

Over-Discharge Protection: This feature will not allow the vehicle battery to over discharge the internal battery of the JumpSmart.

Over-Temperature Protection:  This feature will keep the JumpSmart cables from over-heating during a jump.

Over Voltage Protection: This feature will not allow a vehicle battery to charge the JumpSmart after it’s been successfully jump started.

Low Input Voltage Protection: This feature will protect the internal battery of the JumpSmart by not allowing it to jump a vehicle when the JumpSmart internal battery drops below 9V.

Vehicle Battery False Voltage Protection: In some cases, the vehicle battery will still register 12V, but still not start the vehicle.  In this case it could be a false voltage reading on the battery.  The JumpSmart will recognize and still allow for a successful jump.  Most jump start units will not recognize and assume the vehicle battery is good at 12V and not allow for a jump.

Vehicle Engine Voltage Protection: This feature protects the JumpSmart from over voltage

Timeout Protection: When the JumpSmart is connected to the vehicle battery for over 40-seconds, the Smart Cable will shut down.

Thankfully I had the Jumpstart in the back of my car. I simply hooked it up and was able to start my car. I went right to an auto part store and purchased a new battery. I am so glad I had the Jumpstart in my car. Now no more worrying. I know I can get out of a jam.

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