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Several years ago, we wrote about the ChargeHub from Limitless Innovations. This gadget could charge up to seven devices at once on a single hub. They’ve sent us one of their newer products recently, so we will review this one. It is a portable charge hub called the ChargeHubGo+.

With a built-in micro/lightning cable and a built-in USB C cable, this portable 5,000 mAh power bank can charge pretty much anything. There’s also a wireless charging pad there on the top, and ports so you can plug in more cables if you want to charge more than one device at a time.

This powerful charger has a patented charging technology called SmartSpeed®.  This technology charges with 15 Watts of power! The wireless charging on top charges with 5 watts.

I was initially surprised to see that there wasn’t a micro USB charging cable, but WAS THERE? Yes, the cable for lightning is actually REVERSIBLE! If you turn the side with the lightning symbol to face the bottom of the port, it will charge those devices as well. There’s also a short USB-A to micro USB cord included to charge the ChargeHubGo+

We have received this lightweight(5.6 oz) portable charge free of charge for the purposes of our review, and I am being unbiased when I say that we could recommend this product for the high-tech person on the go. You can purchase one for $39.99 on the Limitless Innovation’s site.


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