Best iPhone Power Banks: ChargeHubGO+ Portable Charger Review

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I have reviewed many portable battery packs over the years and I’m always on the lookout for the best power bank, one that can charge all of my devices without adding too much weight to my gadget bag. Limitless Innovations may have hit the mark with the ChargeHubGO+ Power Bank ($39.99) it sent me to try. First, it’s lightweight and compact, smaller in fact than today’s iPhones; it’s about the size of an iPhone 8, so it is well suited for travel.

The pack has multiple ports (USB-A, USB-C and microUSB) and multiple built-in cables (USB-C and a reversible dual-tipped microUSB/Lightning) and a built-in Qi wireless charging pad so you can charge just about anything. I also liked the price at just under $40. The size makes it great for keeping in a suit pocket while it charges my iPhone via Lightning. It also has a soft rubbery surface so it won’t scratch your iPhone if you don’t use a case.

The wireless charging pad only puts out 5 watts so it won’t deliver fast wireless charging; but I’d probably use the Lightning cable on the go and rely on the pad at night, so speed isn’t as big a deal. The dual-tipped reversible Lightning/microUSB cable is a noteworthy achievement. You can charge microUSB-devices and Apple devices with the same cable! You may need to bring a microUSB cable (one is included) in order to charge the pack itself or you can charge it using a USB-C cable (not provided) via the USB-C port.


  • Multiple ports (USB-A, USB-C and microUSB)
  • Multiple cables (USB-C and dual-tipped microUSB/Lightning)
  • Wireless Charging Pad
  • Priced right
  • Compact size


  • 5 watt wireless charging
  • 5,000 watts of battery life
  • Need to bring microUSB cable (included) to charge microUSB devices or to charge pack
  • Need to pay attention when plugging in the Lightning cable as it only works with the lighting symbol face up

Final Verdict

If you travel and need to portable charger for your iPhone and other USB-C, Lightning and Qi-based devices, you will appreciate that the ChargeHubGO+ Power Bank from Limitless Innovations is affordable and compact.



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