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Unfortunately, we can’t avoid mishaps, so the important thing about hiccups along the way is to be prepared. Little gadgets that can be part of your daily routine, such as this ChargeHub V2 3-in-1 Vehicle Emergency Multi-Tool, which can make the difference between life and death.

We all need a USB charger in the car, do we not? So why not to make the most out of an everyday tool?

The ChargeHub V2 features two USB ports to power up your devices, and it comes with a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter for use in the event of an emergency.

That is right, this little tool can help you to get out of the car quickly in the case of an emergency, allowing you to cut through your seatbelt or your kids’ seatbelts thanks to the concealed razor-sharp seatbelt cutting feature.

The ChargeHub V2 also features a zinc alloy casing. Its strong tungsten steel tip works as a glass breaker, which can be very handy in emergencies.

It is designed to break tempered glass when needed. It also has two USB ports to power most USB devices quickly—up to 2.4 amps—using patented SmartSpeed Technology through the vehicle power’s socket. This feature proves to be very convenient daily.

A flashlight, cables, jump starter, and a power bank are also must-haves on my list. My pick to cover all three bases is the JumpSmart 3-in-1 from Limitless Innovations.

I love hybrid products that can do multiple things, and this one is certainly a nice one to have not only during a vacation but any time I am on the road.

This single unit combines a 37,000-MWh jump starter, 330-lumen flashlight, and a power bank in one device.

The incredibly handy device can be used to jumpstart four-, six-, and eight-cylinder engines (up to 2.0L diesel) and even works on boats, motorcycles, and lawn mowers!

The smart jumper cables have ten built-in safety features, such as audible alarms and visual safety indicator lights to warn if the connection is not set up correctly.

Let’s not forget about the flashlight, which has a 495-foot reach and features four modes: high, low, SOS, and strobe.

And of course, the power bank charges your USB devices quickly, including phones and tablets, with the patented SmartSpeed Technology at 2.4A output.

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