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We recently received a great review from Beehive Web Solutions.  Read the entire article below:

Recharge USB devices with ChargeHub and CableLinx

Because we use USB devices during our business day and our daily errands there Work flow with new technologieswill come a time when that battery needs to be recharged. Because prices have become more affordable for cell phones, tablets, iPads, and even tablets families will most likely have more than one USB device. So when someone has a USB device that needs a recharge they may or may not have an electric outlet to plug their USB device into for that recharge time; that can make matters frustrating. There has been an answer to solve this issue from ChargeHub and CableLinx.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in 2015 ChargeHub showed off a fabulous product for those with multiple USB devices. Introducing one product that can be plugged into an electrical outlet then used for multiple USB devices. What makes this product outstanding is the capability as it will manage up to seven USB devices that are in need of recharging. So if there is a family of four which has four cell phones including two tablets the answer is that they will be able to have everything recharged easily by using ChargeHub because every USB device will be plugged in at the same time.

USB device owners can use their current USB cord that came with their product by connecting the cord to USB device first then plugging in the USB device to the ChargeHub. Another helpful product that can be used with ChargeHub and also help in charging the USB device is called CableLinx. This product is a value pack of USB cables which can be used with the ChargeHub. Every USB device needs a different connector and CableLinx can provide the type connector within the value pack. CableLinx was also introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2015 so everyone is now aware of the product and the ability it will provide to all USB devices. Using both of these products together will make daily living easier for anyone who uses multiple USB devices as it makes the ability of recharging them very simple plus keeps everything in one place so everything will remain safe and easily recharged every time. These are two products well worth the investment as they will always keep your devices fresh and ready to use.

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