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We all have a bunch of gadgets and gear that need regular charging. Some require daily charging while others can go much longer without plugging back in for more juice. What happens, though, when you have a number of devices fighting for wall outlets? The problem only worsens when you have a spouse, children, or co-workers who want that same access.

The ChargeHub X5 Elite is an excellent desktop companion that lets you charge up to six devices at one time. With four standard USB ports, one USB Type-C port, and a wireless charging coil, it’s something for everyone.

Whether you’ve got a pair of headphones, a Nintendo Switch, a Galaxy S9, or any combination of devices, you’ll be able to use the all-in-one charging device.

The unit is built like an overstuffed hockey puck with all five ports easily accessible from the front. The USB Type C port is centered and flanked by two sets of standard USB ports. The top is where you locate the wireless (Qi-ready) charging platter. Underneath is a non-slip pad that makes sure things don’t sliding around.

We really liked the speeds at which the charger refills the batteries on our phones and accessories. The standard ports allow for up to 2.4A each while the USB C has 2.5A with Power Delivery. The latter is especially convenient when stopping by the desk with a laptop or other power-hungry device.

Offered in black and white, this is the sort of product that grows with you and doesn’t find itself outdated when new technology arrives.

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