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To Be Portable Means To Have A Power Bank

Everybody got really excited when mobile devices first came out. Then the singular complaint started — the battery in the phone or watch or tablet runs out too fast, it doesn’t last through the day. This brought on the portable battery pack — now designated as a power bank — that could travel easily too. The power bank’s job was to recharge the device so tht it could continue to be used on the go. But since technology never stands still, improvements had to be made to power banks if they were to keep up with the mobile devices. That brings us to Limitless Innovations’ CHARGEHUBGO+ POWER BANK + CHARGE CABLES where the + is lol about adding wireless charging to the now consider conventional charging methods.

Charging Up

So what are those “conventional” methods? Maybe it’s better to describe the GO+ first: so yes it’s an unremarkable looking black rectangle if you just glance at it, but that would be a mistake. It has 2 pull out charging cables — there is one recessed into the power bank’s body at either side— and with one being a high wattage USB-C and the other a reversible micro-USB/Apple Lightning cable compatible cable doing double duty (depending on the position of the Lightning icon on the cable, its ready to plug into a micro-USB or Lightning port). Each of the two cables is permanently connected to the GO+, which eliminates their being forgotten and so not taken along or the cable you need getting lost just when you need it the most.

But because “what can go wrong will go wrong” and Murphy’s law seem to be getting worked overtime, there is a standard USB port on the bank’s body as well. This USB port engages what Limitless is calling “SmartSpeed Technology for optimally charming virtual any USB device, so they say. What it means is that it can be used with a phone or tablet without comporting charging speeds. Also the two USB cables can be used simultaneously and most likely this USB port can too, it the moderation in all things says not to go crazy if you don’t have to.

Cables And Wireless Charging

Now having USB-C and pull out cables certainly qualifies as being of a more modern bent that the majority of power banks that have come out over the last few years, but an even more modern charging method would be appraised. Especially since the latest phones can now charge without cables just by being put on a charging coil. So even though there is now “wireless” in the name, The Go+ has a 5 watt charging plate at its front center (its total power is 15 watts). That means you just have to put your phone down so that the charging plate and the receiving tech in the phone can hook up (and yes, this can work through cases so you don’t have to expose your phone). And you don’t have to press some button or punch some tab to tell this power bank to start charging from whichever one of its outputs is needed — just press the power button and the power bank knows what is connected and what it has to do and does it. And yes you can charge more than one device at a time — what’s the use of having multiple charging options if you can’t do that?!

So as can be imagined, a puny battery will make using the GO+ effectively a joke. Probably that’s why the internal battery (charged via USB itself) is no joke at all — being 50,000mA. But even as nice as this is it’s still good to know how much power is available, so an LED battery indicator is built-in.

The CHARGEHUBGO+ POWER BANK + CHARGE CABLES is pretty svelte and unobtrusive: it’s not heavy at all and makes for an easy carry with its self-contained nature and varied charging options adding to its versatility. As does the power button so you don’t have to always have it on when it’s not needed (the button activating the battery to start charging through its cables/charging coil). It’s also good that it’s CE Certified, tested to comply with FCC Standard Part 15 and RoHS Compliant, because who needs any hassles? We certainly don’t. It includes a manual and a micro-USB cable. Let it charge up for a bit and it’ll be ready to take care of your recharging needs.

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