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I’ve been an aficionado of Bluetooth speakers since I originally got some answers concerning them. I love to be able to tune in to music wherever I go and Bluetooth speakers made it that a lot simpler for me to have enhanced tunes regardless. In the previous quite a while I’ve truly delighted in testing out various styles of Bluetooth speakers and for the recent weeks I’ve had the joy of working with a TikiTunes Wireless Speaker by Limitless Innovations.


Boundless Innovations attempts to give front line retail items that help to improve, charge, and compose clients’ lives. The TikiTunes Wireless Speaker is a case of this sort of item since it not just gives clients an approach to tune in to music, yet it likewise gives surrounding light. TikiTunes is a convenient 5-watt speaker that proposals as long as 6 hours of ceaseless recess. It has a 2000mAh worked in battery-powered battery and you have the choice to interface two speakers from a greatest separation of 30 feet for ‘genuine sound system sound.’ The LED encompassing light gives a glinting light that mirrors a genuine fire. The speaker holds an IP65 rating making it dust tight and water–safe. It tends to be utilized for indoor or open air diversion.


  • 1 x TikiTunes Wireless Speaker + Ambient Light
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable


The primary thing I saw was the manner by which cool this speaker looks. It looks a ton like a light and it fits directly in with open air style. I promptly needed to add 3 additional speakers to our yard zone so it would adjust the plan of the region. There is no confounded set-up or gathering required. The speaker is all set out of the crate. I do suggest that you charge the speaker before use. Interfacing with the speaker is basic. When the speaker is turned on, it enters blending mode. You would then be able to choose it from your Bluetooth gadget’s menu to interface with it. I didn’t have any issues with it unpairing while I was utilizing it.

To the extent battery life goes, I was truly dazzled with the life span. I utilized it multiple times while I was busy working and played music reliably for the duration of the day. I never got a ‘low battery’ cautioning, however I saw when I was approaching the 6-hour mark and connected the speaker to a force source so it could charge. There is a little fold on the rear of the speaker that covers the Micro USB port. The elastic fold didn’t appear to remain set up well overall, which isn’t acceptable on the grounds that it guarantees that the speaker remains water safe for that port.

To the extent sound quality goes, I was not amazingly intrigued. Truth be told, I would give it a 6 out of 10. Music came through clear, however it was somewhat empty sounding. I would really say that except for being somewhat stronger, the sound quality wasn’t far superior to the speakers on my iPhone XS. For me, the genuine star of the list of capabilities of TikiTunes is the surrounding light. The speaker has this radiant golden light that glints like a live fire. It truly makes for a pleasant expansion to any amusement setting. It’s delicate, warm, and unwinding.


TikiTunes is a normal Bluetooth speaker that gives a stand-out encompassing light. It fits in well with open air stylistic layout and is anything but difficult to combine to. It retails for around $40 (at the hour of distributing this audit), which is somewhat high as I would see it considering the sound quality that is created. The gadget is very much made; however, I need more profundity from my Bluetooth speakers. On the off chance that the sound quality was improved, this speaker would effortlessly be a 10 in my book on account of the one of a kind light show it puts on.

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