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ChargeHub™ – 7 Port USB Charging Station

We live is a world of USB devices that all need to be charged at some time or another. Each device generally comes with its own charger. In most cases a one-size charger does not fit all applications. An example of this would be an iPad vs a smartphone. iPads require a higher amperage draw than most other devices, so having the correct charger speeds things up and avoids damaging the charger. Having numerous devices and their respective chargers creates clutter, so is there a solution?

Limitless Innovations, Inc., a product innovations company engaged in the design and development of various cutting edge technologies for the retail market, may have an answer. I recently tested their ChargeHub – Super Value Pack, octopus in look and available as a square or round shaped charging station that allows up to seven various USB items to be charged at one time.

The ChargeHub is small in size. The Super Value Pack comes with seven assorted cables to accommodate the proper connection to various devices.

Being an all-in-one charger, it eliminates the need to have a variety of chargers and to have enough electrical outlets to plug them all into. What you must understand is that having seven items simultaneously plugged in can affect the time required for a full charge. There is 8.8 amps total output power with 2.4 amps maximum per port. So, an iPad Air draws more power than a regular iPad and will draw up to 2.4 amps when its totally dead. A smartphone will draw approximately 1 amp when it’s completely dead. In most cases the devices that are plugged in will be at different levels of charge so averaging becomes a factor in determining how many and how long it will take something to charge. Most people will never experience not receiving optimal charge for up to seven connected devices. ChargeHub benefits from patent-pending SmartSpeed™ technology where each port works the same thus there is no special USB port for any particular brand or type of device. Due to the large current draw ChargeHub does not charge laptops.

Its compact size travels well and keeps your devices in one central location when they’re not in use and being charged. This helps to easily locate them when needed. When used with the optional International Travel Kit, it can be used worldwide as it is multi-voltage.

If you’re interested in giving it a customized look, a set of plastic tabs is provided that allows for the insertion of a photo, logo or other unique identifier in the top center of the charger.

A common problem with most users is to forget to charge their devices. Allowing them to fully drain is not advised. Charging them for five-minutes and then assuming they’re ready for limited use is a false sense of security and can alter the battery’s memory. I make it a habit of charging my smartphone at bedtime each night. This assures me of optimum usage the next day. If such a full charge will not last your active daily lifestyle, you should seriously consider the addition of a battery case such as those offered by Mophie, http://bit.ly/1WSPcOR. The Mophie battery pack can also be charged by the ChargeHub.)

MSRP: Super Value Pack $89.95 available in round or square design International Travel Kit $29.95 (Various other optional accessories are offered)
For more information go to: http://bit.ly/1O00ONE

Graphic credits: Limitless Innovations, Inc.

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