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How do you earn a five-star rating for something as simple as a car charger? By offering a whole bunch of valuable features. The ChargeHub V2 ($29.99) has two ports, not one, which will be appreciated by other family members. But what really sets the ChargeHub V2 apart is the safety features.

First, there’s a seatbelt cutter and tungsten-steel-tip glass breaker cleverly integrated. I had a colleague who was pregnant and her seatbelt got stuck. She had to have her seatbelt cut. This would have been a nice thing to have then! A friend of mine who is a dentist had to rescue a patient who had a seizure in their car, in the parking lot. There was a happy ending, but he did break a golf club breaking their car window. These features make the ChargeHub V2 a must-have for safety and convenience. It also sells in assorted colors and is well made using a zinc alloy casing.


  • Two USB ports
  • Seatbelt cutter
  • Glass-breaker (for tempered glass)
  • Assorted colors
  • Well made


  • Cable sold separately

Final Verdict

Why get a basic car charger when the ChargeHub V2 could save your life?

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