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4 Useful Phone Accessories You Can Take Off-The-Grid


Keeping your phone charged while you’re on-the-go is essential if you rely on it for directions or campground information. You don’t want to be driving towards your next destination and have your phone run out of battery power while you’re en route.

wireless power bank can be very useful in recharging your devices whether you’re on the highway or in a secluded off-grid boondocking spot. We use the ChargeHubGo+ by Limitless Innovations and love it. It’s simple to use and has a sleek, slim design that will even fit in your pocket or backpack.

Charge your devices on-the-go with the ChargeHubGo+! Photo by Nikki Cleveland (author)

This 5000mAH power bank can recharge your devices wirelessly by laying them on top of the charging pad and turning the unit on, or by using one of the built-in charge cables or USB port. It is compatible with both Apple and Android devices; the Type-C cable will charge newer phones from Samsung, Google, and LG, while the Reversible cable works with Apple devices, Samsung Galaxy 7 & below, Amazon devices, and other units like cameras, wireless speakers, etc.

The ChargeHubGo+ comes with a micro cable that charges the power bank when you have power available. Once the unit has been fully charged, it can be unplugged and taken off-the-grid and continue recharging your phone until the battery power runs out.

The battery power level can be checked easily by pressing the power button and reading the LED battery level indicator lights (four dots means it’s at full power, one dot means there is less than 25% left). The charging time varies depending on your device. It should only be used to charge one of your devices at a time.

Another great option is this Solar & Hand-Crank Powered Weather Radio with a built-in power bank and an LED flashlight. It does not store as much power as the ChargeHubGo+ (at only 1000mAH), but it does have the bonus of an emergency weather radio, and it can be hand-cranked or use solar power to keep the battery charged.



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