32 Tranquilo Travel Gift Ideas For 2019-2020

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Joshua Burman covers Voluntourism, slow travel and other unique ways to travel. Covers volunteer projects around the world and travelers who volunteer in the destinations they visit.

ChargeHub Auto Phone Mount & Wireless Charger ($59.99) is not actually adventure gear, but it’ll help get you to the campsite. This particular unit solves several mounting and charging problems at once, so I thought it was worthy of this list. The ChargeHub mounts on a pivot ball, either clipped into your car’s air vent (my preference), or on a bendable arm and suction cup mount that attaches to the dashboard or windshield. The motorized arms with automatic phone detection grab and grip your phone when it is placed on the foot of the mount, so no more dangerous steering the car with your elbows while fumbling with the mount (as I’ve, um, heard some people do); tap a touch sensor on the side to automatically release. It also has a wireless charging pad, plugged into the USB separately, which charges the phone more quickly than direct from the car’s USB.


TikiTunes 2-Pack Wireless Bluetooth Speakers ($69.99) is an awesome addition to your back porch, garage, or living room. The two 5-watt speaker speakers link up automatically for surround sound, have LED atmospheric lighting that looks like flickering flames, and each gets about six hours of continuous playtime from any wireless compatible device. And yes, you can screw them into custom poles and ground posts for the full tiki torch effect. The range from your device is about 30 feet.


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